Why was Guard restricted in blocking mob?

Christopher C. Miller, appointed by President Trump as interim Secretary of Defense, restricted the District of Columbia National Guard in controlling pro-Trump demonstrators and in protecting the Capitol.

The memo above shows that the Guard were forbidden to disarm protestors or help police.  General William Walker, the commander of the D.C. National Guard, testified Wednesday that he also was forbidden in a later letter Jan. 5 deploy troops to the Capitol without permission from the Pentagon.

He said he would have sent troops immediately on Jan. 6 to protect the Capitol from pro-Trump rioters if his authority had not been restricted by the Pentagon.

As it was, he said, he had to wait more than three hours before getting the needed authorization.

The benign interpretation of Miller’s actions is that he was motivated by public relations concerns.  He may have feared being criticized for over-reacting as happened after the Black Lives Matter protests last June.

The sinister interpretation is that he was motivated by sympathy for the Stop the Steal protests.  Either way, he has a lot to answer for.

I don’t think we the public as yet know the full story of what happened on Jan. 6.


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5 Responses to “Why was Guard restricted in blocking mob?”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    One obvious fix is to give the local elected government the authority to call out the DC Guard for such emergencies, just like any state governor would. No state governor would have to ask permission to do so.

    There are many more issues besides the nondeployment of the Guard. The Capitol police were caught flat footed and then hesitated to do anything at all for fear of “bad optics.” They had never even considered the possibility of an aggressive protest and had no training or plans. That’s incompetence and cowardice. The DC Metropolitan police could have assisted but didn’t for whatever reason. I don’t know if they were even contacted.

    The simple reason why the insurgency was allowed to walk all over the Capitol was that Trump didn’t want to take action and – just as important – nobody else was willing to do so.

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  2. Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

    I suspect that two, opposing groups had ulterior motives for allowing protesters in: Trump, in a vainglorious attempt to have others magically save the election for him, and Trump’s enemies, who could use the mob to discredit him and as a 9-11 type tool to restrict civil liberties.
    But I haven’t seen strong evidence of this yet. Incompetence is always plausible.

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