Democrats support their cause more intensely

Willingness to donate to a political party is a measure of how strongly you support it. I came across a couple of graphs that show how the depth of support for Democrats (measured in donations) exceeds support for Republicans.

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The top chart shows the number donors to the Trump and Biden campaigns from various occupations; the bottom chart shows the same thing from various institutions.  The size of the circle indicates the number of donors; the intensity of the blue for Biden or red for Trump indicates how much of a majority they had with each group.

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Here are a couple more charts that indicate how politics affect personal relationships..

I have friends (not to mention relatives) with whom I disagree politically.  In fact, I know very few people with whom I am in complete agreement politically.   I am not a Trump supporter, but I can understand why somebody would be.  Ditto for Biden.


Why Is Everything Liberal? on Richard Hanania’s Newsletter.  This is where I found the charts.  Hanania has more charts plus his analysis of their significance.

The Employees Who Gave Most to Trump and Biden by Jackie Gu for Bloomberg News.  The original version of the top two charts was interactive.  Go to this article if you want exact figures from each circle.

2016: The Turning Point on Richard Hanania’s Newsletter [Added 5/2/2021]



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  1. Word from the Dark Side – going to Graceland, gay bar cancelled, Greta and the Unabomber, 35 girlfriends defrauded and Goolag strikes again | SovietMen Says:

    […] Liberals donate more than conservatives and Democrats massively outperform in fundraising. […]


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