Covid-19 deniers who have Covid-19

Bertrand Russell once wrote, “Most people would sooner die than think; in fact they do so.”

I thought of that when I read this Reddit thread of stories by physicians, nurses and other medical workers about treating (or trying to treat) Covid-19 patients who think Covid-19 in a hoax.

Doctors of Reddit: What happened when you diagnosed a Covid-19 denier with Covid-19?

Human nature can be unbelievably perverse and irrational.  Also, very noble.  My hat goes off to  medical practitioners who risk their own lives and health to treat people who think they are their enemies.

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One Response to “Covid-19 deniers who have Covid-19”

  1. fgsjr2015 Says:

    I typically receive the annual influenza vaccination every fall, though for the last few years I’ve specifically asked for a placebo
    … to which I receive a serious look by the nurse, who’s clearly not amused by my attempt at humor with the otherwise serious topic.


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