China, the emerging superpower: in charts

The USA still has the world’s largest gross domestic product, but that may not mean as much as it seems.  It includes useless and harmful spending as well as useful spending.

China is by far the world’s leading manufacturing nation.

It is overtaking the United States as the world’s leading trading nation.

China’s global reach is being extended by its “belt and road intiative.”   China intends to finance pipelines, railroads, highways, seaports and other transportation infrastructure so as to economically integrate the whole of Eurasia, with China as the hub.  Admittedly, much of what’s shown on the maps is still on the drawing board, but even if the plan is only partly carried out, it could have a big impact.

Click to enlarge.

China graduates more students with science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees than any other country.

China is a leader in patenting new inventions.

China has taken the lead in electric car sales… …

……but it is also a leading emitter of greenhouse gasses.

China is becoming a leading creditor nation.

China is a nuclear power, but it is sitting out the nuclear arms race, for now.

Source: Arms Control Association

The Chinese, overall, have confidence in the future of their nation.  We Americans, overall, do not.

The current problems of the United States are not caused by the Chinese.  If we have a future, it will be by rebuilding our own capabilities, not by trying to sabotage the Chinese.


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2 Responses to “China, the emerging superpower: in charts”

  1. Michael Scott Says:

    “The current problems of the United States are caused by the Chinese.” Is there a missing “not” in there?


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