Why don’t we Americans demand what we want?

A short answer is that not enough of us are like Bill Harvey and Dennis Kucinich.

A longer answer is that our political process has induced a state of learned helplessness among American voters.

Our leaders are constantly promising “hope and change,” and then telling us that, regrettably, it wasn’t really possible.

We saw this with the Obama administration. We are seeing the beginnings of this with the Biden administration.

So over time we become conditioned to the idea that universal health care, or a minimum wage that is a living wage, or anything else that would make life better, are impossible dreams.


2 Responses to “Why don’t we Americans demand what we want?”

  1. Bruce Gerencser Says:

    We say to ourselves, “it is what it is.” I am as liberal as they come. I mentioned on Facebook that I was disappointed in some of Biden’s decisions and that I might not vote for him in 2024. Boy, were some of my fellow liberals upset with me. In 2016, I held my nose and voted for Biden. He was my fourth choice, but he wasn’t Donald Trump. I’m not sure I’m willing to hold my nose in 2024. Time will tell if fundamental change will come to the Democratic Party. I’m not hopeful.



  2. Bill Harvey Says:

    Yes, what Phil said: “Be more like Bill Harvey.” That is, broke, grouchy, and half nuts-made by The World.

    Thanks for the kind words, Phil, but no thanks for the political guidance.



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