From faith to stoicism

Kenneth Copp was raised a Pentecostal Christian, but as a young man, he converted to the Amish faith because he thought it represented a deeper spirituality.

Later in life, reading the Bible with a critical eye, he came to disbelieve in the inerrancy of Scripture and then in the existence of an afterlife and of God.

His skepticism estranged him from his family and his community, but he still thought the Amish way of life is a good one and, in his lonely way, he continued to live by it.

The video above tells his story.  For background, click on Award at Camden International Film Festive: The Seeker by Lance Edmands.

I admired Edmands’ film, but I wish he hadn’t put in the distracting background music.  I had to strain to hear Copp’s words.

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