The U.S. eviction crisis is (nearly) upon us

The eviction moratorium was a short-range solution to a long-range problem.  

The problem arose from income and wealth inequality, acquisition of housing property by speculatprs, and building and zoning regulations intended to keep the riff-raff out.  If the Covid-19 crisis hadn’t brought it to a head, some other crisis would have.

The eviction moratorium cannot continue forever.  Therefore, someday it has to stop.


Evictions and the U.S. Supreme Court by Dr. Jack Rasmus

Biden keeps the progressive angst at bay by Laura Barron-Lopez and Christopher Cadelago for POLITICO. [Added 8/4/2021]

The Eviction Crisis is a Rental Assistance Crisis by David Dayan for The American Prospect.  [Added 8/7/2021]  The problem with rental assistance is that it is not feasible on a long-term basis without rent control, which comes with its own problems.  Without rent control, landlords simply raise rents to absorb the rental assistance payment.

Headline and text revised 8/4/2021


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