Truthteller Craig Murray goes to jail

We live in a world in which is you are more likely to be punished for exposing certain kinds of crimes than for committing those crimes.


Keeping Freedom Alive by Craig Murray.

Craig Murray’s jailing is the latest move to snuff out independent journalism by Jonathan Cook.

Other truth-tellers.

Daniel Hale Went to Prison for Telling the Truth About U.S.  Drone Warfare by Chip Gibbons for Jacobin.  [Added 8/4/2021]

Donziger Facing Prison for Fighting Chevron by Greg Palast.  [Added 8/6/2021]




One Response to “Truthteller Craig Murray goes to jail”

  1. Word from the Dark Side – getting mugged is racist, modelling to become a tradthot, monster centipedes and yet more military mischief in Okinawa | SovietMen Says:

    […] Scottish whistleblower jailed on spurious charges, via Phil Ebersole. See comments for alternative points of […]


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