The plan is for all Americans to get COVID

The Biden administration’s plan for fighting COVID-19 is for all Americans to get vaccinated. But that won’t stop the spread of the disease.  Being vaccinated just means you’re less likely to die or need hospital care if you get it.

But there is nothing in place to stamp out the disease and very little to stop the spread of the disease.  This means that all of us Americans are bound to get it, sooner or later.

I’m in favor of vaccination.  I’ve received two shots myself.  I would like as many people as possible to get vaccinated.   Mandatory vaccinations are nothing new.  Schools and other institutions have every right to require masking and vaccinations.

The thing of it is—the vaccines now available are not sterilizing vaccines, at least not as far we know.  They do not kill the virus, just rally the body’s defenses to resist it.  Other things being equal, a vaccinated person is just as potentially infectious as an unvaccinated person.

The way to stop the spread of the virus would be to require everyone entering an indoor public space to be tested, whether vaccinated or not.  As in China, there would be a temperature check, and everybody running a temperature would get a test.

Those infected would be isolated and treated until the infection goes away.  Do this long enough and the virus dies out.

Why isn’t this being done?  Probably because the U.S. pubic health system and medical care system don’t have the capacity to carry it out.

Of course, there are other ways to slow the spread.  Indoor ventilation would be a big help.  Indoor masking also would be a big help. 

But the disease won’t be stopped until there are treatments that kill the virus, as penicillin kills bacterial infections.  There is no national effort to develop one.

The Biden administration is content to push vaccination alone, vaccination and nothing else, and it blames people who don’t get vaccinated for the spread of the disease

The unvaccinated are conflated with deplorables who believe in crazy conspiracy theories, and both groups are conflated with Trump voters.  They will be the scapegoats for the comeback of COVID-19 this winter.

I’ve even heard people say that the unvaccinated do not deserve to be treated for the coronavius. 

Would such people say that cigarette smokers do not deserve medical care lung cancer? that sexually active gay men do not deserve medical care for AIDS? that people who’ve attempted suicide, and failed, deserve no medical care at all?

There are all kinds of reasons people may not be vaccinated.  There are some deluded people who think the pandemic is a hoax promoted by Democrats.  But there are many who have economic reasons for not getting vaccinated.  There are many who have concerns—maybe valid, maybe not—about the side effects of vaccines.  And there are a large number who’ve already had the disease.

Nurses and other health care professionals are disproportionately unwilling to be vaccinated.  Do they know something I don’t?

What about ivermectin?

Some physicians advocate use of invermectin, a drug originally used against parasitic disease in animals and humans, but which some think may be effective against bacterial and virus disease.

Ivermectin is cheap, safe and widely available.  If it is as effective against COVID-19 as its proponents say, it would be the greatest thing since penicillin.

Of course, the drug may not be all that its proponents hope.  A physician named Buzz Hollander recently made an argument for skepticism.

One of the first papers claiming a mortality benefit for ivermectin in hospitalized patients was taken from the tainted (or quite possibly imaginary) Surgisphere database, and was quickly retracted (but not before influencing policy in South America).

So, too, was the hugely influential Elgazzar et. al. study from Egypt, which claimed a 90% reduction in mortality, but was rather convincingly exposed to be fraudulent this past July.

Finally, the remarkable study from Argentina’s Dr Hector Carvallo, finding a head-scratching 100% effectiveness at preventing Covid-19 infection among health care workers (none of the 788 workers taking ivermectin and carageenan contracted the disease, while 57% of those using standard PPE did), fell at the end of August, with compelling arguments that it is nearly inconceivable that it even happened as advertised.

Source: RealClearScience

Other studies favorable to invermectin also are low quality, he wrote, and the biggest study so far indicated that ivermectin has no effect.  I have to take his word (or not) about the low quality of the studies, because I don’t know enough to evaluate them myself.  However, it doesn’t speak well of Dr. Pierre Kory and other ivermectin advocates that they cited these flawed studies without checking.

Dr. Hollander also said availability in ivermectin may give people the false idea that they don’t need to be vaccinated.

But he agrees that there is no reason for the campaign by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Medical Association to prevent physicians from prescribing ivermectin, and there is no reason to prevent pharmacists from filling prescriptions for the drug.

And he also agrees on the need for a definitive clinical trial to settle the question for once and for all.

The problem with ivermectin is that the effectiveness of medical treatments and vaccines has become a partisan political question.  It is hard to find scientists who don’t have a desired outcome, one way or the other, and that makes it hard to accept the impartiality of the tests.

Meanwhile large-scale use of ivermectin is approved in Asia.  I’m sure medical experts in India, Japan and Indonesia have seen everything that Dr. Hollander has seen.  We’ll soon see the results.


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One Response to “The plan is for all Americans to get COVID”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    It may not be possible to completely defeat COVID. I suspected early on that, being extremely susceptible to mutation, it may just boil down to needing new vaccinations every now and then. Probably about like influenza. The cold is also a coronavirus and we’ve made almost no progress in curing it.

    We are systemically incapable of China’s level of mandates. If a large enough % of the populace opposes masks and social isolation, the government is fairly helpless to force it. Even though the behavior is problematic, I consider it a good thing that the government is incapable of that level of social control.


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