Military recruiting videos around the world

Anti-woke folks have been posting three military recruiting videos on the Internet—one each from China, Russia and the USA.

The Chinese video shows a Chinese husband and father, leaving his family to live a life of hardship and danger in order to protect his family and nation from enemies.

The Russian video shows a tough, muscular Russian trooper, ready to face and deal with whatever comes.

The US American video shows a nice young woman, who has been raised by two lesbian women, who has found the U.S. armed forces accept her for what she is.

The anti-wokesters say the videos show the difference in the martial spirit of the leaders of the three countries.

Someone like the young US American woman probably would not be a match for someone like the Chinese or Russian man on the field of battle.  And the nature of the video does say something about the feminization of US American society.  

Then again, actual warriors make up a small percentage of US American armed forces.  Most of them are technicians and support staff whose war is waged at a distance.

I spent all afternoon reviewing military recruitment videos from different countries.  I don’t think that, in isolation, any particular military recruiting video proves anything about the character of the nation that issued it.  Even so, the different kinds of reasons they offer for joining the military are interesting, at least to me.


A Canadian video says the military will give you an opportunity to master difficult skills.

A British video says the military will help you find self-confidence and strength of character, and rise above the false values of consumer society.

A French video says the military offers a life of valor and adventure.

An Austrian video says pretty girls prefer military men.

A Norwegian video says Norwegian troops master difficult tasks to keep their country at peace.

A Ukrainian video says the military brings together Ukrainians from all walks of life.

A South Korean video stresses the mission of the military to defend and eventually reunite the country.

A Japanese video projects images of military might.

As I wrote, it would be a mistake to take this stuff too seriously.  Military recruiters through the centuries have been notorious liars.  They promise recruits a life of glory, adventure and plunder, and the reality for most is a life of drudgery and boredom, with a chance of getting killed.

Probably the best military recruiting videos are the ones for the United States Marines.  They celebrate valor, high standards and comradeship.

As for myself, I have done military service.  It was in peacetime,  I was too young for the Korean Conflict and too old for the Vietnam Conflict.  

I learned I was not suited to military life, but also came to see that the military life could be a good life.  I am a lover of peace, but not a pacifist.  I do not approve of the way my government uses its military nowadays, but I respect the people who serve in the career military.

I think that even in a peaceful world, and most certainly in the world we live in, there will be a need for men of patriotism, valor and honor, and we neglect the masculine virtues at our peril.  

I would never say that women can’t be patriotic, brave and honorable, nor would I say that men can’t be loving and nurturing.   When I write of masculine virtues and feminine virtues, I speak of average differences, but these differences are real.  

US American society in recent years has become more feminized.  In some ways that is a good thing, but a feminized military would not be a fighting force.  The wokesters have a point.


4 Responses to “Military recruiting videos around the world”

  1. Alex Page Says:

    When I’ve seen UK military ads there seem to be one of three themes. There’s the traditional Spartan-esque ‘danger challenge adventure confidence camaraderie’ stuff. There’s ones that seem to play on video games and action movies – overlap with previous. And there are also ones which claim diversity is accepted in the military.

    The idea of using this as a lens on culture is a compelling one.

    I’d suggest that the traditional ‘masculine tough guy’ ads are no less playing on identity politics than some modern ‘acceptance’ ads – they are promising and reinforcing a particular notion of gendered roles too, only one traditionalists are less likely to notice as such and object to.

    As society shifts the military, like capital, has to move with it and co-opt that progress. Leftists (unlike many liberals) are fairly scornful about ‘girlboss drone pilots’ and ‘CIA trans lesbians with anxiety’ tropes – not from opposing the underlying social shift as anti-woke conservatives do, but from it being used to pinkwash those institutions. As you point out, there’s no martial spirit in pressing a button in a bunker 50 miles from the explosion anyway.

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  2. philebersole Says:

    I think most people in most countries would fight to defend their homelands against an invader.

    I don’t think many people in many countries think it is their duty to go to some part of the world they’ve never heard of, and kill and be killed to carry out a mission that isn’t explained—which is the situation of the U.S. military in the 21st century.

    The time will come when the world turns against American empire and the former targets of American imperialism will be in the ascendant.

    My nation will then suffer what it has caused other nations to suffer. We’re be the target of embargoes and economic sanctions, and leaders guilty of war crimes will actually be charged. Enemies will subsidize internal rebels to fight proxy wars. Maybe foreign soldiers will occupy U.S. territory in the guise of peacekeepers.

    In my heart, I find this hard to believe. But if we as a nation can’t stop our wars and can’t stop the deterioration in the economy, public services and the overall culture, a collapse is bound to follow. I can’t think of any reason why this couldn’t happen.

    That’s when the USA will truly be in peril, and the macho, masculine, military virtues will be needed.

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  3. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    If we stumble, there will just be a Chinese Empire to replace us. or maybe the Russians will pull a rabbit out of the hat and reverse their fortunes. If they can get their act together, perhaps Islam or India will become global powers. I don’t foresee an empire-less future, ever.


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