Julian Assange and the eclipse of liberalism

President Biden is attempting to rally what he calls liberal democratic nations against autocratic China, Russia and Iran. But the Julian Assange case shows that liberalism is a sham in the USA and its vassal allies.

Assange in 2011

The USA under Obama, Trump and Biden has protected high-level officials who commit crimes and atrocities, while prosecuting persons such as Assange who reveal crimes and atrocities.

We got a reminder of this with the recent UK court decision to extradite Julian Assange for violation of the U.S. Espionage Act. The violation consisted of revealing killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan by U.S. forces.

This is something that Woke Democratic and MAGA Republican leaders in the USA (though not necessarily all their followers) agree on, along with leaders of the UK, Australia, Sweden, Ecuador and other countries.

But if a government can commit crimes, and make it a crime to reveal those crimes, then what stands between the public and a would-be Hitler or Stalin?  And how can any impartial observer take U.S. leaders seriously, when they claim to be defenders of democracy and freedom?


The Courage Foundation.  Julian Assange is not the only persecuted truth-teller.

Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him by Glenn Greenwald.  Why the persecution and prosecution of Assange is an attack on press freedom and the rule of law generally.

Julian Assange Has a Stroke in Belmarsh Prison by Susan Oliver for The Daily Mail.  [Added 12/15/2020]

There Is No Liberal West by N.S. Lyons.  I agree with Lyons’ eloquent defense of classic liberal principles against woke-ism, but notice that he does not mention people persecuted for truth-telling about militaristic governments and abusive corporations.  Freedom is indivisible.

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2 Responses to “Julian Assange and the eclipse of liberalism”

  1. lyla mclean Says:

    What I would like to know is what we can do about such injustices. I am Canadian. Thank you.


    • philebersole Says:

      I wish I knew a good answer to your question. The “deep state” in the USA and UK – that is, the secret intelligence and covert action agencies – are determined to get Assange, no matter how many demonstrations and protests there are. And the leadership of the major political parties in both countries have turned their backs on him. I see no sign that the Canadian government is any better.

      I see value in bearing witness to the truth, even if it doesn’t bear immediate fruit. Also, I make a monthly contribution to the Courage Foundation (link above), which is an organization that defends truth-tellers.

      I suppose the fact that these agencies are so threatened by Assange and his ilk is encouraging. Maybe the truth will set us free – in spite of all apparent evidence to the contrary.


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