The beautiful architecture of Ukraine

There’s more to Ukrainian tradition than the Holodomor, Stepan Bandera and its tragic, bloody history.  Here are some pictures taken in Ukraine before the Russian invasion that helped me appreciate that country’s architectural traditions.  A culture that can create such beauty is worth preserving and defending.

Independence Square in Kiev. Source.

A view of Kiev. Source.

Church of St. Nicholas on the Water, Kiev.  Source.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Kiev. Source.

Vozdvizhenka district, Kiev. Source.

Church in Voevodyno, Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Source.

Old wooden house in a Ukrainian forest. Source.

I hope all these structures survive the current war, along with the people who cherish them.


30 Pictures Showing the True Beauty of Ukraine on DeMilked.

Ukraine: On the Fault Line Between East and West by Michael J. Totten for Quillette.

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