Many Russians open to use of N-weapons

A Ukrainian company conducted a public opinion poll of Russians about the Ukraine invasion.  The poll found that 40.3 percent of those answering think the Russian government would use nuclear weapons to protect its interests, and only 25.5 percent would not.  The rest were unsure.

I think the poll should be interpreted with caution.  If I were a Russian, I probably wouldn’t give my honest opinion to an anonymous pollster.  I suspect a lot of the non-committal answers were from people who had doubts about their government’s actions.

A recent Pew Research poll indicated that 35.5 percent of Americans are willing to take military action against Russia even at the risk of nuclear war.  

[I should have noted that there is an important difference between being willing to risk nuclear war and being willing to initiate nuclear war.]

None of this indicates Russians or Americans as a whole favor nuclear war.   It does indicate that a large fraction of both do not find nuclear war unthinkable.  This is disturbing.

Here are the rest of the Russian poll results.

Here are the results of a Pew Research poll of Americans.


Survey says 86.6% of Russians support the armed invasion of Russia in other countries by The Ukrainian Week international edition.

U.S. Public Views of Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Biden’s Response by Pew Research Center.

Americans largely support using nukes, even against civilians by David Trilling for the Journalist’s Resource of the Harvard Kennedy School (2017).  This was in the context of saving American troops’ lives in a hypothetical invasion of Iran.

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One Response to “Many Russians open to use of N-weapons”

  1. Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

    It would be disappointing if, after avoiding nuclear catastrophe throughout the worst tensions of the Cold War, we slipped up during this unnecessary and stupid war. A third of Americans and Russians need a refresher course on what nuclear weapons do.

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