The so-called “Russian world”: links

It is hard to find information about Russia or the Russian invasion of Ukraine that’s not propaganda for one side or the other.  The only way to get at a semblance of the truth is to look at the situation from multiple points of view.

Here are web sites I check regularly.  If this is a topic of special concern to you, you may want to bookmark this page.  Also, if there are good sources I’m missing, please tell me in the comments.

The Vineyard of the Saker.  An eloquent Russian nationalist.  A viewpoint that is important for Americans to understand, whether they agree with it or not.

Russian Dissent.  A forum for Russians silenced in their own country.

Meduza – the Real Russia Today.  An independent news service.

Gilbert Doctorow.  An independent scholar.

Dances With Bears by John Helmer.  An independent reporter.

Videos from Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation.  Or click on thisthis, this or this.  Navalny, the brave truth-teller, is in prison, but his Anti-Corruption Foundation is still publishing investigative reports on YouTube.


More links.

The Moscow Times.  An independent, English-language business newspaper.

Euromaiden Press – News and Views from Ukraine.

Tass and Pravda.  News of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Association for Human Rights in Central Asia.

Forum 18 News Service.  About religious freedom in Russia and Russian-dominated countries.

ru.criminalinfo.  The Russian crime scene.


One Response to “The so-called “Russian world”: links”

  1. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    It bugs me that everyone is maundering on about winners and losers. Ukraine already lost back in 2014 and lost even more in 2022. Russia lost soon after Feb 24 when Kiev didn’t fall. I don’t see a winner anywhere. Too many dead, too much destroyed. Both economies will be in ruins. From now on there will be no winner or loser, just a question of whether Ukraine survives as a state, whether the Russian economy implodes, and how the Russian people will react when they learn of the magnitude of their losses.

    Putin gambled and if anyone can be said to win, it’s NATO – for now.

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