Why losing things isn’t a worry in Japan


2 Responses to “Why losing things isn’t a worry in Japan”

  1. Bill Harvey Says:

    Phil, You hit the spot again! B


  2. Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

    I once got off a train in Tokyo after returning to the country and met my friends at the station. They asked, where’s all your stuff?
    I’d left it on the overhead rack on the train.
    I ran back and told the staff and they said I’d have to pick it up from the other end of the line tomorrow.
    The next day I rode south for two hours or so, finally arrived in the middle of nowhere at a station next to a giant Buddha. My luggage had been left untouched all the way down there and the staff gave it back to me once I confirmed my identity.
    Funny they didn’t suspect an unattended package was a bomb, either. Or sarin gas.


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