Ukrainian general says: Take the war to Russia

RSZV M142 HIMARS and ATACMS missiles . Photo: Mariusz Burcz

The commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces co-wrote an article saying the only way for Ukraine to win is to take the war to Russia itself.

Right now Russian missiles can hit any target in Ukraine with pinpoint accuracy, General Valery Zaluzhny wrote; Ukrainian drones can only reach 60 miles into Russian territory.  I’ve read elsewhere that these drone attacks are already taking place.

Zaluzhny is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a member of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council.  

General Zaluzhny

He said that, in order to win, Ukraine needs the USA and other allies to provide longer-range missiles that can penetrate deep into Russia.  

Only then will the people of Russia feel the consequences of their war of aggression and pressure their government to back off.

General Zaluzhny said his short-range goal is to reconquer Crimea, an important Russian military and population center from which attacks on Ukraine are launched.  But that in itself will not end the war, he said.  It is necessary to attack the Russian Federation itself.

He went on to say:

Ukraine’s repulsion of aggression by a superpower requires and will require significant material resources and financial costs for a long time to come.  In 2023, the material basis of the Ukrainian resistance should remain significant in terms of military and technical assistance from partner countries.

After all, despite its own losses from economic sanctions, dependence on Russian energy sources and individual attempts to “pacify” the Russian Federation, world history will not forgive any country in the world for conniving with a bloody predator that only gets drunk on new blood. 

In the long run. he wrote, Ukraine needs to create its own armaments industry, perhaps in partnership with foreign investors.

I think this is an accurate description of the situation.  Right now the balance of forces is against Ukraine, both in the shooting war and the sanctions war.  Ukraine needs a game-changer if it is to win.

But what exactly would Zaluzhny do with longer-range missiles?  Just bombard Russian forces massing along the border?   Or bomb Moscow and St. Petersburg?  

Either way, the Russians would retaliate immediately, not just against Ukraine, but its NATO allies.  Then what?

Does he think a widening of the war would work to Ukraine’s advantage?  Indeed, a general war in Europe would devastate Russia and the NATO allies, but might well leave Ukraine a fully-sovereign nation—and also a blood-soaked wasteland. 

I wonder what U.S. and other NATO commanders this of this.  Do they also want to take the war to a new level rather than admit defeat?  Have they thought about the consequences?  We live in “interesting” times.


The 49-year-old General Zaluzhny is an interesting character.  He is the first Ukrainian commander-in-chief who never served in the Soviet army.  Nasha Niva of VoxEurop news service wrote:  

He has honed his professionalism not according to Soviet methods but during exercises with NATO at the best European and American training grounds.  In reality, a completely new army has appeared in Ukraine.  It has no continuity with the Soviet one, and works according to Western standards.

His article about taking the war to Russia was written jointly with Mykhailo Zabrodsky, first deputy chairman of the Ukrainian parliament’s Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence.  Zabrodsky is a retired major general and, like Zaluzhny, a combat veteran of the war agains the Donbass separatists. 

The article was published Sept. 5 on the Ukrainian government website.  A translation was made available by a Substack news service called Events in Ukraine.  I couldn’t find any background information about its operators or sponsors, including where they’re located.  They seem to publish interesting Ukrainian source material.


Prospects for guaranteeing the military campaign of 2023: the Ukrainian View on Events in Ukraine.  Scroll down for the full text of the Zaluzhny-Zabrodsky article.

The Ukrainian Kutuzov: Who is General Zaluzhny and why are his tactics in the spotlight? by Nasha Niva for VoxEurop.

Turning point in war may come when AFU receives long-range weapons – Zaluzhny and Zabrodsky on InterFax Ukraine. 

Valery Zaluzhny on mobilization in the Russian Federation: “We will destroy everyone who comes into our land with weapons” in the Odessa Journal.

How Ukraine and Valery Zaluzhny Turned the Tide of War by Simon Schuster and Vera Bergengruen for Time magazine.  [Added 09/27/2022]  A very upbeat report.  But it concludes:  “Zaluzhny is girding for a long and bloody slog. ‘Knowing what I know firsthand about the Russians, our victory will not be final,’ he told TIME. ‘Our victory will be an opportunity to take a breath and prepare for the next war’.” 

Other news and commentary about Ukraine

The Devils and Ukraine by Viktor Grossman for Counterpunch.  How Germany’s politicians are all-in for war.

And Then There Were None by John Helmer for Dances With Bears.  Texts and translations of Russian commentary on Putin’s mobilization.

Text of Putin’s Speech on Ukraine via Consortium News.

Ukraine Support Tracker – A Database of Military, Financial and Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine by the Kiel Institute.

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5 Responses to “Ukrainian general says: Take the war to Russia”

  1. whungerford Says:

    I remember Donald Rumsfeld suggesting making a small problem bigger in order to solve it. I didn’t agree with Rumsfeld and I don’t agree with General Zaluzhny. As difficult as it may be, the world needs a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement.

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  2. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I don’t agree with the general’s assessment. Ukraine needs to focus on getting the best possible negotiating position since I don’t see a way to clear out all the Russians from their territory. I’m not sure how he would propose to retake Crimea. Ukraine has zero amphibious capability and the place is impossible to take by land.+-

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  4. Bill Harvey Says:

    Yikes!!! is all I can think to say.


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