Nothing sacred

Hat tip to Freethinkers Anonymous.

Nothing is unchangeable.  Nothing is what it seems to be.  If you count on Nothing, you’ll never be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Nothing sacred”

  1. davidgmarkham Says:

    The Buddha taught that the world of the ego is impermanent and that suffering is caused by attachment. However in the Kingdom of God, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty abound. There is Truth and the Truth is that Life is animated by a cosmic Loving Force. People at higher levels of consciousness know this not in their cognitive reasoning but in their experiential Loving. Carl Jung said that he didn’t believe in God, he knows there is God.

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  2. Fred (Au Natural) Says:

    I remember that when they asked Larry Seinfeld what his mega-hit comedy “Seinfeld” was about, he replied that it was a series about nothing.


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