About Phil Ebersole’s Blog

I started this web log on Jan. 25, 2010, as a hobby and a means of self-expression.  I was surprised and pleased to learn how easy it was to do, and how many things WordPress, my web host, makes available free.   However, I now pay a modest fee for a premium service.

The opinions I express are my own.  I do not represent any organization, movement or group, nor do I claim any special expertise.

I sometimes make last-minute edits and corrections after I post something.  If the change is substantive, I make a note of it; otherwise, not.

I welcome comments, but I do moderate comments.  I delete spam, with the help of the Akismet spam filter.  I reserve the right to delete (or not to delete) comments that are abusive, offensive or irrelevant.  Since this is my web log, I decide what constitutes being abusive, offensive, irrelevant or spam.

I don’t mind anybody copying and reprinting any of my posts.  If you reprint an excerpt, please make clear it is an excerpt.  If you add a comment or other material of your own, please make clear what part I wrote and what part you wrote.  And in any case please make clear where it came from.  If possible, please link back to this web log.

If I have used a copyrighted image in any of my posts, the violation is unintentional.  Please notify me of the violation and send me a link to the original, and I will take it down pronto.  My e-mail address is GeneseePhil482<at>frontier<dot>com.