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Nothing sacred

November 26, 2022

Hat tip to Freethinkers Anonymous.

Nothing is unchangeable.  Nothing is what it seems to be.  If you count on Nothing, you’ll never be disappointed.

Science saves lives

May 28, 2022

Safety first

May 21, 2022

Hat tip to Authentic Medicine.


Clark Kent considers a career change

May 13, 2022
Hat tip to ScheerPost.

The case against Google Chrome

May 9, 2022



July 10, 2021

This is from Grant Snider’s Incidental Comics.

Why ‘The Far Side’ was so funny

April 17, 2021

Gary Larson’s biography is on his web site.

Welcome to the modern world

April 12, 2021

A short tale of road rage

January 31, 2021

Can you name the missing seven states?

December 12, 2020

Via XKCD. Hat tip to

The perils of being a cartoon character

November 14, 2020

A foreign view of U.S. political parties

November 11, 2020

Yes, I know COVID-19 is not really funny, but…

October 25, 2020

Grilled chicken

October 19, 2020

Hat tip to Gene Zitver.

The crazy logic of nuclear deterrence

October 13, 2020

The Soviet Union has come and gone, but the crazy logic of nuclear deterrence lives on.

The threat of nuclear weapons is the ultimate threat, but it is a threat only a madman would carry out.

So for the threat to be convincing. you have to convince your opponent you are a madman.

The best way to convince your opponent you are a madman is to actually be a madman/

The second best way is to act so much like a  madman that nobody can be sure whether you are or not.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un come to mind in this respect.

The risk is that your act is too successful, and your opponent thinks he has no choice but to strike first.

We’re lucky.  Over nearly 70 years, this has not happened.  But it only has to happen once.


A Game of Nuclear Chicken With Russia and China by Micheal Klare for TomDispatch.

The effectiveness of masks

October 3, 2020

Source: xkcd: Masks

The end of war as we know it

September 12, 2020

Life is a mystery

August 4, 2020

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The arrogance of power

May 16, 2020

Arguing about the coronavirus

April 23, 2020

Source: Leftycartoons

The Simpsons on the two-party system

April 20, 2020

Hat tip to Caitlin Johnstone

Degrees of ambiguity in academia

March 2, 2020

Source: XKCD.

The friend who sent me this is a retired professor of English literature.

The world gleams

December 7, 2019


War, power and the clothing of men

June 12, 2019

These drawings are copied from About Face by Nate Powell for Popula.

Click on About Face to see the rest of the sequence.

War, power and the clothing of men (2)

June 12, 2019

Click on About Face for the previous part of this sequence.


 About Face by Nate Powell for Popula.

A veteran and historian responds to Nate Powell’s “About Face” by Sam Duncan for Popula.

The Sum of All Beards by Adrian Boneberger and Adam Weinstein for The New Republic.