Schedule of Drop-In Discussions

Drop-in discussions are held each Sunday at First Universalist Church of Rochester, 150 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY.  We meet year-round in the Chalice Room on the second floor of our church, at 9:15 a.m. except during the summer.   Sometimes our discussions are based on certain books or articles, but you don’t have to read anything or do any advance preparation to participate.  Just drop in.

April 23.  Friendship.  What are the characteristics of a true friend?  How do you make friends?  How do you lose friends?  How important is friendship.  Phil Ebersole will lead a discussion.

April 30.  Weeds Can Be Our Friends.  Weeds are not the enemy.  They can be attractive to look at, they often provide ground cover, they contribute to enriching the soil, they can give clues as to the type of soil you have.  Many are edible and some are medicinal.  Kate Fleury will explore weeds in all their glory.

May 7.  The State of the State, According to Interfaith Impact.  Dick Gilbert, President of Interfaith Impact of NYS, will describe the work of IINYS in Albany and around the state. He will touch on such issues as reproductive freedom, eco-justice, church/state separation and fair taxation, among others. He welcomes involvement by members and friends of this congregation.

May 14.  The Supernatural.  Have you ever had a paranormal experience—ghosts, miraculous healing, telepathy, foreknowledge of the future?  Has a friend ever told you about such an experience?  What was your attitude?  Why?  Can you be religious without belief in the supernatural.  Phil Ebersole will lead a discussion.

May 21.  Women’s Reproductive Health in 2017.  Stephanie Gerspacher, public affairs organizer at Planned Parenthood of Central & Western New York, will discuss policy concerning women’s reproductive health in 2017. She will touch on state and federal issuesimpacting reproductive rights and freedom.

May 28.  Open forum discussion.  No set topic.

If you have a topic to suggest, or, better still, would be willing to present or facilitate discussion of a topic you are interested in, speak to Phil Ebersole.

Topics are subject to change.  Watch this page or check the bulletin board in First Universalist’s Clara Barton Lounge for the latest information.