Schedule of Russell Forum

The Rochester Russell Forum meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at Writers and Books Literary Center, 740 University Ave., in Rochester, N.Y., to discuss issues and ideas.  All are welcome to hear our presentations and join our discussions.

Admission is free to members of Writers and Books, which charges a $3 fee to all others.

2015 Schedule

August 13.  William Drumright on Bertrand Russell’s The Conquest of Happiness.

September 10.  Phil Ebersole on Jurgan Habermas and his three tests of truth.

October 8.  Alan Bock on Bertrand Russell’s “The Value of Free Thought”

November 12.  Howard Blair on a topic to be announced.

December 10.  David Baronov on Hegel and the Dialectic of Inquiry.

2016 Schedule

January 14.  Paul Mitacek on the Genesis of the Self.

February 12.  Robert Heineman on Philosophy’s Failure in the Secular Age.

March 10.  Tim Madigan on Lord John Russell and Crimes Against Humanity: the Great Famine Tribunal.

April 14.  Peretta Barella on the Politics of Energy.

Topics are subject to change.  For the latest information, contact Walter Uhrman at <>.

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