Schedule of Russell Forum

The Rochester Russell Forum meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at Writers and Books Literary Center, 740 University Ave., in Rochester, N.Y., to discuss issues and ideas.  All are welcome to hear our presentations and join our discussions.

Admission is free to members of Writers and Books, which charges a $3 fee to all others.

2014 Schedule

April 10.  Ian Downey on Hegel and Russell.

May 8.  Paul Mitacek on Morality and Ethics in Pluralistic Societies

June 12.  John Walsh on Mitt Romney’s Supernaturalism

July 10.  William Drumright examines and contrasts Bertrand Russell’s views on World War One and World War Two.

August 14.  Douglas A. Fisher on Alistair Cooke Reflects on Bertrand Russell.

September 11.  To be announced.

October 9.  Ted Lechman on Bertrand Russell’s The ABC of Relativity

Topics are subject to change, and this information may not be current.  For the latest information, contact Walter Uhrman at <>.

If there is a topic you wish discussed or, better still, you wish to make a presentation to the Rochester Russell Forum, contact Ted Lechman at <>.


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