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The finitude of life

January 7, 2013

Alan Watts in this video calls for acceptance of the fact that life has a beginning and will have an end.  Eternal life is not appealing, he said.  That is true if the afterlife is no more than a continuation of this life.  I agree with the Christian writer C.S. Lewis that all that is necessary for there to be a Hell is eternal life and human nature as it is.   Life is a blessing, so, at least, it has been for me, and a blessing is no less a blessing if it has to come to an end.

Life is a carnival that has to end

December 14, 2012

ferris_wheelIn the little town in which I grew up in the 1940s, we children used to look forward to the annual Firemen’s Carnival—a fund-raising event for our volunteer fire company.  I’d save my money, and, when the day came, I’d ride the Ferris wheel and the other rides, I’d try to win prizes in the carnival games, and I’d buy cotton candy and drink sugared drinks.   Eventually dusk would come, my money would be spent, I’d be tired and cranky, but I didn’t want to go home.  I’d want the carnival to go on forever.

I’m 76 years old today, and I’m at the dusk of my life.  I’m getting tired and cranky, but I don’t want the carnival to end.  There are still rides I want to take and there are still games I want to play.  I accept that there is, and has to be, a closing time, but I’m not ready to go home and go to sleep.  Not just yet.