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The Holstee manifesto

July 7, 2013


Click on The Holstee Manifesto for background.  Hat tip to Brain Pickings.


Egan’s rule

January 30, 2011

When all else fails, ask yourself what’s logical.

Jim Hightower’s advice

November 28, 2010

Never buy a pit bull from a one-armed man.

Never sign anything by neon.

Always drink upstream from the herd.


Gretchen Rubin’s secrets of adulthood

November 14, 2010

The days are long, but the years are short.

Someplace, keep an empty shelf.

Turning the computer on and off a few times often fixes a glitch.

It’s okay to ask for help.

You can choose what you do, but you can’t choose what you like to do.

Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy.

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

You don’t have to be good at everything.

Soap and water remove most stains.

It’s important to be nice to everyone.

You know as much as most people.

Over-the-counter medicines are very effective.

Eat better, eat less, exercise more.

What’s fun for other people may not be fun for you — and vice versa.

People actually prefer that you buy wedding gifts off their register.

House plants and photo albums are a lot of trouble.

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.

No deposit, no return.