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The war for living space

September 27, 2014

Tom the Dancing BugSource: Tom the Dancing Bug Blog.

I don’t think the discomfort of airline flight discomforts me as much as it does most people.

The night before I go on an airplane trip, I stay up as late as I can so that I doze all through my airplane flight.

I have the ability to lose myself in reading and always take an engrossing pocket-size book with me on a flight.


To recline your seat or not?  Stop arguing.  Capitalism has already won this stupid war by Oliver Burkeman for The Guardian.

Airlines squeeze passengers to add seats

October 30, 2013


Growing industries increase their profits by improving their products and attracting more customers.  Declining industries increase their profits by finding ways to squeeze more profit out of existing customers while they can.  Which kind do you think is becoming more common?

Click on The Incredible Shrinking Plane Seat for a Wall Street Journal article on how the airlines do the latter.