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Science and the sense of beauty

February 23, 2014


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Beauty in the eye of a physicist

May 26, 2013

This video is based on a 1981 interview with the late Richard Feynman, responding to those who say that scientific knowledge destroys poetic appreciation of beauty.

Richard Feynman on truth and beauty

October 16, 2011

The late Nobel physicist Richard Feynman says in this video something I’ve always believed to be true—that the more you learn about something, the more wonderful it seems.

The other two parts of the three-part series are below.


Top 5 wishes that won’t make you happy

November 7, 2010

What follows are excerpts from longer pieces on the Cracked,com web site.

5.  FAME.

Studies show nothing is more stressful for a human than when their goals are tied to the approval of others. Particularly when those “others” are an enormous crowd of fickle strangers holding you up to a laughably unrealistic ideal built by publicists, thick makeup and heavily Photoshopped magazine covers.

You could seek comfort from your circle of friends, only now your friends have been replaced Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s-style with hangers-on, vultures, unscrupulous characters and plain dumbasses who only want a piece of the spotlight. . . even if it means selling you out later.

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… As social creatures, we compare ourselves to our neighbors. This is why executives can cry about the $500,000 salary cap that comes with taking government bailout money. Their friends are making $3 million a year and live in igloo made out of cocaine. We can laugh at their complaints, but of course then you’re giving the Nigerian permission to laugh at yours. That guy made 100 times more than you, you make 100 times more than the Nigerian.

Once you start hanging around the other high earners, you’ll want all the stuff they have.  No, that’s not right–you’ll want the stuff that’s so much better than their stuff that they’ll vomit with envy. As one magazine for Wall Street bigshots put it, you want the stuff that will be “a huge middle finger to everyone who enters your home.”

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Some things human beings do right

June 5, 2010

Click on this and then click on the little black specks in the upper right corner of the image.

What you’ll see is the International Space Station and the spacecraft Atlantis moving across the disc of the Sun.  It is an amazing sight, and shows that we human beings haven’t lost the knack of getting technology right.

My friend Anne Tanner forwarded this link to me.  As she says, it was a remarkable achievement by the photographer, who had about half a second to get that image.

Click on this to see the Brussels Carpet of Flowers.  It would be awesome if it had been done only once, but the Belgians do this every year.