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How the Trump administration governs

November 24, 2017

Source: Real News Network.  Click to enlarge.

If you are a president or governor who believes that government doesn’t work, you staff your administration with people who don’t want government to work, and your belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.   This didn’t begin with Donald Trump and won’t end with Donald Trump.


Hillary Clinton is the millionaires’ favorite

December 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton is by far (34%) the favorite Presidential candidate of millionaires polled by CNBC, followed by Marco Rubio (13%)

CNBC poll on millionaires' choice for president

CNBC Poll of millionaires.


The trouble with Ben Carson

November 11, 2015

bencarson20151113cover1800-x-2400By all accounts, Dr. Ben Carson is a fine human being and a dedicated and gifted pediatric neurosurgeon.

I think he richly deserves all the honors he has received for his philanthropy and civic work.

But he is no more fit to hold public office than I am to practice medicine.

His fault is not in his lack of knowledge, which could be remedied over time, but in his lack of knowledge of his lack of knowledge.


The World Through Ben Carson’s Surgical Magnifying Glass by Emily Cadei for Newsweek.

The 2016 Stump Speeches: Ben Carson by Doug Muder for The Weekly Sift.

I’d rather have Trump by Doug Muder for The Weekly Sift.

The Election 2016 money race so far

October 10, 2015


Preliminary figures on campaign fund-raising indicate that:

  • Hillary Clinton has so far raised more money than any other candidate of their party.
  • Bernie Sanders has so far raised more money than any Republican candidate.
  • Ben Carson has so far raised more money than any other Republican candidate.
  • Ted Cruz has so far raised more money than Jeb Bush.

Now these figures are incomplete because the candidates have until October 15 to report the totals.  When they do, the Republican candidates’ totals may well exceed the Democrats’ totals.   The figures also omit supposedly independent Political Action Committees.

Still, I think it is significant that Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson have been able to raise so much from small donations.   Sanders and Carson (whom I do not support) show that a middle-class person can run for President without having to beg for money from the super-rich.


Bernie Sanders is raising more money than every Republican candidate by Rick Newman for Yahoo News.  Source of the chart.  (Hat tip to naked capitalism)

Bernie Sanders Is Awash In Cash From Individual Donors by Emily Atkin for ThinkProgress.

Ben Carson raising millions to become fund-raising juggernaut by CBS News / Associated Press.

The GOP Establishment’s Sneaky Ben Carson Fundraising Ploy by Russ Choma for Mother Jones.  An indication of Dr. Ben Carson’s grass-roots appeal.