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The emerging American job market

January 15, 2015

Tom the Dancing BugVia Tom the Dancing Bug

-10-day weather forecast

August 28, 2013


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The election cycle

May 30, 2013

Can't Act

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The power of passive aggression (2)

March 23, 2013

ME_530_SorryClick on Mimi and Eunice for more Nina Paley cartoons.  She wrote that the above line was something her boyfriend said; he, to his credit, intended it to be funny.

The power of passive aggression

March 16, 2013

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A short sweet love story from Iran

March 10, 2013

Masouleh, a small Iranian city near the Caspian Sea, is a tourist destination noted for its off-fashioned hospitality and unique architecture. The houses are on steep hills, and the roof of one building can be the courtyard of the one above.  As an American, I am in the habit of thinking of Iran as being off-limits, but the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily think that way.

I had never heard of Masouleh or of Bahram Azimi until I came across this video.  I learned from a Google search that Azimi was born in Tehran in 1967, graduated with a degree in handcraft from Art University of Tehran and teaches animation in the Iranian House of Caricature, and that he has won many awards for his animation, both inside and outside Iran.

Good advice from Friedrich Nietzsche

November 25, 2012

Becoming too friendly with monsters can be dangerous, too, as the full story shows.

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Don’t forget to vote

November 6, 2012


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Poll watching

November 6, 2012


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Hat tip to Unqualified Offerings.

A time for decision

October 4, 2012

politics democrats vs. republicans

My desired outcome for the Presidential election is that the Green Party, the Libertarian Party or both get a larger number of votes than the margin of victory in the popular vote between the Democratic and Republican candidate.

My ideal (unrealistic, I know) outcome is that the Greens and Libertarians would gradually replace or take over the Democrats and Republicans, so that we Americans would have an actual choice of parties based on genuine differences of principle.

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An economic parable by Ruben Bolling

August 29, 2012

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