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Fox News secret offer to General Petreaus

December 26, 2012

Back in 2011, when David Petreaus was being considered as the new head of the CIA, an emissary from Roger Aiiles of Fox News called to urge him to run for President instead. She promised Petraeus the full backing of Fox News, and said Ailes would be willing to be his campaign director.

I know about this because I came across an article written by Bob Woodward of the Washington Post on Dec. 4. The on-line version of the article has audio of the actual conversation. But the article ran in the Post’s Style section, as if it were just a bit of interesting celebrity gossip.

For me, the article is much more significant, especially for what it says about the journalistic standards of Fox News. It is one thin to present the news from an avowedly conservative, or liberal, point of view. It is another to try to play kingmaker and put yourself in the bag for a particular candidate.