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Waffle House prepared to weather the storms

September 9, 2019

USA Today recently had a good article about how the Waffle House restaurant chain is organized to provide food and shelter during storms, floods and other disasters.

Waffle House stockpiles emergency supplies, employs special teams ready to rush to the scene of an emergency and has thick loose-leaf binders of directions as to what to do in any kind of emergency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency rates the seriousness of emergencies based on the status of the nearest Waffle House – “green” (Waffle House operating normally), “yellow” (Waffle House operating on a limited basis) and “red” (Waffle House close, which almost never happens).

This is a good example of how managers of corporations and other big institutions need to think during the coming bad years.


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If I were a prepper … …

October 2, 2015

doomsday-preppers-expect-the-worstSource: Doomsday Preppers.

Two of my favorite bloggers are Dmitry Orlov, who thinks industrial civilization may collapse at any moment, and John Michael Greer, who thinks industrial civilization is doomed to slow decline.

I’m nearly 79 years old, and, at worst, expect to collapse before civilization does.  But suppose I was young, and suppose I took seriously the possibility of collapse of government authority and of the energy, communications and transportation grids.  What would be the best way to prepare?

Stockpile gold?  Stockpile guns and ammunition and practice marksmanship?  Stockpile canned goods?   I don’t think any of these things, in and of themselves, would assure long-term survival.

A 50-dollar gold piece in such circumstances would have less value than a peanut butter sandwich.  Ammunition and canned goods are non-renewable resources.  My chances of survival as a lone individual would be nil.

Much better to learn useful skills, and to treat my family and neighbors in such a way that they would want to keep me alive.

I would learn gardening and keep heirloom seeds.