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‘You need to think about death five minutes a day’

April 25, 2015

festival1A writer named Eric Weiner visited the small Himalayan nation of Bhutan, and was suddenly overcome by shortness of breath, dizziness and numbness in the hands and feet.  Fearing a heart attack or worse, he visited a physician name Dr. Karma Ura, who told him he suffered a panic attack.

“You need to think about death for five minutes every day,” Ura replied. “It will cure you.”

“How?” I said, dumbfounded.

“It is this thing, this fear of death, this fear of dying before we have accomplished what we want or seen our children grow. This is what is troubling you.”

“But why would I want to think about something so depressing?”

“Rich people in the West, they have not touched dead bodies, fresh wounds, rotten things. This is a problem. This is the human condition. We have to be ready for the moment we cease to exist.”

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Tony Benn’s five questions for the powerful

March 14, 2014

The family of Tony Benn, an old-time British Labor Party leader, announced today that he died at the age of 88.  Here is one of his favorite sayings:

If one meets a powerful person—Rupert Murdoch, perhaps, or Joe Stalin or Hitler—one can ask five questions:

  1. Tony Benn

    Tony Benn

    What power do you have?

  2. Where did you get it?
  3. In whose interests do you exercise it?
  4. To whom are you accountable?
  5. And how can we get rid of you?

Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system.

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Bertrand Russell on action and thought

July 21, 2013

russell-vicky-cartoon-sHalf the useful work in the world consists in combating the harmful work. 

A little time spent in trying to appreciate facts is not time wasted.

        ==Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness

The wisest words I’ve read this week

June 28, 2013


Cynicism is consent.



A weed by any other name…

June 16, 2013

bridgetwattsI found this on bewatts | life in the beautiful valley.

Stirling Newberry’s definitions

June 13, 2013

Morals are how you treat people you know.

Ethics are how you treat people you don’t know.

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The true and only fairness doctrine

May 29, 2013


Will Smith on who’s in charge

May 22, 2013


Good advice from Marcus Tullius Cicero

April 21, 2013


Everyone has the obligation to ponder well his own specific traits of character.

He must also regulate them adequately and not wonder whether someone else’s traits might suit him better.

The more definitely his own a man’s character is, the better it fits him.

Wise words from President Grant

April 10, 2013

state anc church

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Voltaire on who rules

March 6, 2013


Words to live by

February 18, 2013


You know something is important when…

February 17, 2013

You know something is important when you’re willing to let someone else take the credit if that’s what it takes to get it done.

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Howard Zinn on civil obedience

February 7, 2013


Howard Zinn, who lived from 1922 to 2010, was a famous historian and radical, known for his The People’s History of the United States.

Click on Howard Zinn to learn more about his life and work.

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The inchworm

January 13, 2013

The butterfly has wings of silk.
The moth has wings of flame.
The inchworm has no wings at all.
But he gets there just the same.