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A billion here, a billion there: it adds up

March 28, 2015
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Source: Information Is Beautiful

I have trouble visualizing any number that is too big to count.  As W. Edwards Deming once said, no number is meaningful except when compared with another number.

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What people died of in the 20th century

January 1, 2014
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The 20th century was one of the homicidal periods of human history.   Hundreds of millions died in war, or were murdered by governments.  It also was a period of enormous advances in medical knowledge and treatment.  Yet, as this interesting infographic shows, more people died of disease than died at the hands of their fellow human beings.

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Dangers of radiation: a comparative chart

December 4, 2013

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DEBTris: where the billions went

January 5, 2011

This is the first of a series of animated visualizations planned by David McCandless, a London-based data journalist and information designer.  Click on Information Is Beautiful to see his web site, which includes a UK version of this animation.

Here is McCandless’s presentation of similar information in static form.  Click twice to enlarge.

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