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The unbreakable rule about insiders

May 13, 2014

In the spring of 2009, Elizabeth Warren, then chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), was taken to lunch by Larry Summers, then director of the National Economic Council and a top adviser to President Obama.

Summers, … … she recalls, told her that she had a choice to make. She could be an insider or an outsider, but if she was going to be an insider she needed to understand one unbreakable rule about insiders: “They don’t criticize other insiders.”

The quote is from a review of Senator Warren’s autobiography, A Fighting Chance, by Jill Lepore in the New Yorker.  The whole review is well worth reading. Click on Reading Elizabeth Warren to read it.

Who will Obama pick to head the Fed?

August 9, 2013


Larry Summers and Janet Yellen are considered to be the two most likely choices for President Obama to nominate as chair of the Federal Reserve Board.  It’s a sign of the times that the fact that Yellen is prudent and sensible is enough to define her as the candidate of the liberal left.

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