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Albert Camus on happiness and love

February 14, 2016


Source: Albert Camus on Happiness and Love Illustrated by Wendy McNaughton on Brain Pickings

Love and weirdness

February 14, 2016

valentines.day_weirdnessNSource: Zen Pencils.

The power of validation

February 13, 2016

Freedom, happiness and love

March 29, 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

February 14, 2015

ToLove_590Source: Zen Pencils

The truth about love

February 14, 2014

whatislove-blogINCIDENTALCOMICSClick on INCIDENTAL COMICS for more by Grant Snider.

Paperman: a love story

February 14, 2013

This is best viewed in full screen mode, but you have to wait until the action starts before going to full screen.

Carl and Ellie get married

February 14, 2013

This segment from the Pixar animation film UP, slightly over four minutes long, tells a beautiful love story without words.

A philosopher on love

February 14, 2012

To love someone is to find happiness in their happiness.  This is what is common to all forms of love  — of parents for their children, of a man for his wife, or of a saint for all mankind. …

To be loved is to have someone find happiness in your happiness.  To love someone who loves you is one of the most glorious things that can happen, for happiness builds on happiness as is possible in no other way.

This is adapted from The Moral Rules by the late Bernard Gert, a philosopher who claimed that it is possible to create a rational code of morality, based on rules of conduct that would be publicly advocated by all rational persons—a rational person being defined as someone who desires to be happy or to make a loved one happy.   He noted that most human beings agree on what is right and wrong.  Where we disagree is what the exceptions are, and he agreed that any rule can have an exception.

What I like about Gert is that he did not set up a false opposition between logic and love.  Reason, in his philosophy, was not a substitute for emotion or desire.  It was a means by which you harmonize and prioritize feelings and desires.