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The Cafe Vas and the Luna Piena Bistro

June 18, 2010

[12/3/10] If you’re interested in information about the Luna Piena Bistro, click on Democrat and Chronicle reviewIf you’re interested in my rambling thoughts about neighborhood restaurants, read on.

[6/18/10] For the past four or so years, my neighborhood has had a nice little place called the Cafe Vas.  In nice weather, I could sit outdoors on a patio in nice weather, sip iced tea and munch on one of their specialty sandwiches. They also served gourmet coffee, but I’m not much of a one for that.  It was about a 5- or 10-minute walk from my house, and I was sorry to see it close.

The other day I saw a big banner across the front of the building – Luna Piena Bistro – Opening Soon!

It reminded me of an article I read years ago – it may have been by John Kenneth Galbraith when he was alive – about the New England resort hotel industry.  Galbraith said that most people who go into the resort hotel business don’t know what they’re doing and fail, but each time they sell at a loss, they make it easier for the next person who takes over the premises. Eventually someone is smart enough and lucky enough to succeed, in part because of the sunk costs and sweat equity put into the property by the previous owners.

I don’t know whether that kind of cycle exists in Rochester or, for that matter, in New England, but I like the Galbraith’s notion because it is the way the capitalistic free enterprise system should work.  The entrepreneur bears all the risks of failure, but both the public and the entrepreneur benefit from the entrepreneur’s success.

It is just the opposite of executives of a big bank or big oil company who take chances with the financial system or the environment and suffer no consequences from failure except maybe having to walk away from the game.

[Update 8/6/10]  I walked by the Luna Piena Bistro this afternoon and saw a sign saying it is open for lunch and brunch.  It is located at 564 Merchants Road, Rochester, NY 14609, at the corner of Wyand Crescent where Wyand continues as Wisconsin Street.

[Update 8/9/10]  I walked over to Luna Piena at 11:15 this morning.  It was closed, and there was no open for lunch and brunch sign, just their Opening Soon sign.

[Update 8/13/10]  I had supper at Luna Piena this evening.  It is a bit different from the Cafe Vas – not so much a neighborhood hangout where I’d sit on the patio, munch a sandwich and read as a place a family or a couple of friends would go for lunch or dinner if they wanted a really nice (though moderately priced) meal with wine.  I had a gourmet pizza – very tasty, with a nice thin crust.