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Can Bernie Sanders bring out the Millennials?

January 28, 2016


Young voters vote for Democrats by large majorities—when they vote.  The question for the Democrats is whether any candidate will generate enough enthusiasm among Millennials to make a difference.

As Chuck Bodd pointed out on Daily Kos, voters under 30 gave Barack Obama his margin of victory in both 2008 and 2012.  My own opinion, like Bodd’s, is that Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate with a chance of doing that.

The difference between Sanders and Obama was that Obama was the candidate supported by idealistic young people, but he also was the candidate of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.  When forced to choose, he went with Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Maybe there are a couple of millionaires who support Sanders, but he has burned his bridges with Wall Street.  His only sources of support are the middle class, working people and liberal idealists, and he knows it.


The Millennial perspective: Why Bernie gets it and why it matters by Chuck Bodd for Daily Kos.

Millennials are the key to Democratic success and overwhelmingly, they want Bernie by Chuck Bodd for Daily Kos.

Bernie Sanders’ Millennial backers help close the gap versus Hillary Clinton by Jeff Zeleny for CNN.

Why millennials don’t save money

July 8, 2015

Duncan Black, a blogger in Philadelphia, explains:

How do you expect people to start their careers with a hundred thousand dollars in debt, and then save for a down payment, and then save for retirement?  This is un-possible even with high paying jobs, which most people don’t have.

It’s true that the magic of compound interest works really well if you start saving at age 21 and continue until retirement, but it’s also true that it’s stupid to save if investment returns are lower than the interest rates on the absurd amount of debt that you were supposed to rack up to enter civilized life.

Really no one should go into this much debt to go to college, but The Kids Today don’t even have the option of cheap public universities like The Kids In My Day did.

via Eschaton.

This is also the reason why the Millennial generation doesn’t spend money in the consumer economy the way previous generations did.

The passing scene: November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014

Millennials Aren’t Cheap, They’re Broke by Lynn Stuart Parramore for AlterNet.

Millennials are the generation of Americans born between 1980 and 2000.  There are about 80 million of them, about a quarter of the U.S. population.

A writer in the Atlantic wondered why, compared to previous generations, more of them live with their parents and more of them refrain from making major purchases, such as automobiles.  Lynn Stuart Parramore doesn’t find this hard to understand.

  • Millennials have the highest unemployment rate of any generation.
  • They have more student loan debt than Gen Xers and Boomers did at their age.
  • More millennials live in poverty than previous generations did at the same stage of life.
  • They make up 61 percent of Americans making minimum wage.
  • Having entered the workforce during an economic downturn, the effects on their future wages will likely be permanent, even if the economy bounces back.

The battle for a surgeon general by Rebecca Cooney for The Lancet.

Rebecca Cooney wrote that the reason President Obama appointed Ron Klain, a lawyer, as his Ebola “czar” is that Republicans have blocked Vivek Murthy, his nominee for Surgeon-General.  Republicans in Congress have blocked Murthy on the trivial grounds that he sent Twitter message about a year ago saying that guns are a public health problem.

Point taken.  But this still doesn’t explain why Obama appointed a political supporter rather than a specialist in infectious diseases to head his Ebola team.

Then, too, Cuba is sending trained medical specialists to help in west Africa while the United States is sending troops.  What are the troops supposed to be doing?  Is this security, security theater or something else?