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Harry Reid’s source and Mitt Romney’s taxes

August 8, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said somebody told him that Mitt Romney paid no income taxes over a 10-year period, and said there’s no way to know whether this is so unless Romney releases his income tax records.  Romney said he paid a great deal in taxes, but refuses to release the records.

There is a way to resolve this.  Let the two of them agree on an impartial arbiter.  Since both of them are Mormons, maybe it could besomeone in the Latter Day Saints hierarchy.  Reid could bring an envelope with the name of his informant.  Romney could bring thick manila folders giving his income tax returns.  The impartial arbiter could report on (1) whether Reid had an informant, without revealing the name, and (2) how much, if anything, Romney paid in income taxes, without revealing details about Romney’s business dealings.

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