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Norman Rockwell’s images of Christmas

December 23, 2015




Is there any artist today who is as well-beloved as Norman Rockwell?

Is there any mass-circulation publication that would showcase an artist’s works as the Saturday Evening Post did Rockwell’s?


Norman Rockwell’s images of Thanksgiving

November 22, 2015


Norman Rockwell on the right to know

October 26, 2015


This Norman Rockwell painting appeared in Look magazine in 1968.

Here is the caption:

We are the governed, but we govern too.  Assume our love of country, for it is only the simplest of self-love.  Worry little about our strength, for we have our history to show for it.

And because we are strong, there are others who have hope.  But watch closely from now on, for those of us who stand here mean to watch those we put in the seats of power.

And listen to us, you who lead, for we are listening harder for the truth that you have not always offered us.

Your voice must be ours, and ours speaks of cities that are not safe, and of wars we do not want, of poor in a land of plenty, and of a world that will not take the shape our arms would give it.

We are not fierce, and the truth will not frighten us.  Trust us, for we have given you our trust.  We are the governed, remember, but we govern too.


Norman Rockwell illustrates the Golden Rule

April 5, 2015

Rockwell_1961_The Golden Rule

Clothes really do make the (police)man

August 26, 2014


What you wear affects the way people perceive you.  I remember once somebody in one of these Robocop get-ups got on an elevator with me.  I smiled pleasantly and asked, “How’s it going?”  I found that there was a human being underneath the visored helmet and the other gear, and we had a brief but civil conversation.

What you wear also affects, in a mysterious way, the way you feel.  The time when I went through Army basic training was the first time I wore boots rather than shoes on a regular day-to-day basis.  I’m not an especially aggressive person, and I wasn’t back then, but there was something about wearing boots that made me feel that, if I wanted to, I could kick the world down.

Hat tip for the MAD magazine drawing to Bill Elwell.