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One Page Solution No. 10

February 13, 2013

My friend Hank Stone issued a challenge to write on a single sheet of paper what a positive world future requires.  I offered to post the One Pages on this web log.  Click on this link to read the entire set.


nasa_earthBuckminster Fuller said there were four critical steps to re-contextualize the present reality system in which we are  mired. The first is making a go-for-broke commitment to do what we can, where we can, when we can, and the best we can. Our daily lives show the level of our commitment. The second step is education. Any commitment needs information to decide what action to take.

The third critical step is to unify the planet economically. Fuller proposed the creation of a global energy grid to provide an abundant supply of clean power to raise the standard of living for the entire planet.  The grid will provide a market to buy and sell power around the globe and make possible the eradication of hunger, poverty and pollution.

The fourth step is to unify the planet politically. With no overriding constitutional authority, the countries of the world are free to wage endless war. But within constitutional societies, there is relative peace. The time has come to rise to the global level of existence. Seeing the planet from space, sovereign nationalism has become obsolete.

Jonathan Schell in The Fate of the Earth stated that peace never exists between political units but only among them.  Unless the planet is integrated into a constitutional system of politics, economics and social organization, then it is only a matter of time and place as to where war will be.

As the creators of the present nations unified smaller political units to form a larger, more peaceful political unit, so now we are faced with the same challenge of creating one nation from the present smaller countries. Countries are okay to know where to send the mail, but they are counter-productive to world peace.

This re-contextualization of the planet’s reality system will not only provide a context for a peaceful future, it will also open the door to a whole new human epoch. It will be the beginning of a planetary civilization as different from our present reality as it is from the Stone Age.

Michael Kessler

What does a positive world future require?

February 3, 2013

earth12My friend Hank Stone is collecting one-page answers to the question:


I offer my web log as a place to post these One Pages.

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