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The world according to Vladimir Putin

September 8, 2014

The following is from a January, 2012, interview with Gleb Pavlovsky, a former top adviser to Vladimir Putin, about how Putin sees the world.

worldaccordingtoputinPutin is a Soviet person who did not draw lessons from the collapse of Russia.  That is to say, he did learn lessons, but very pragmatic ones.  He understood the coming of capitalism in a Soviet way.

We were all taught that capitalism is a kingdom of demagogues, behind whom stands big money, and behind that, a military machine which aspires to control the whole world.

It’s a very clear, simple picture which I think Putin had in his head—not as an official ideology, but as a form of common sense.

His thinking was that in the Soviet Union, we were idiots; we had tried to build a fair society when we should have been making money.  If we had made more money than the western capitalists, we could have just bought them up, or we could have created a weapon which they didn’t have.

[snip]  Putin’s idea is that we should be bigger and better capitalists than the capitalists, and be more consolidated as a state: there should be maximum oneness of state and business.  A two-party system like in the US?  Wonderful, we’ll have that too.

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