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October 23, 2021

Korean artist Lee Sangsoo made sculptures of animals by bending and twisting simple strips of resin and metal, plus subtle coloring.  Notice how the sculpture above is not only recognizably a cat, but a Siamese cat.


Sculptures that look impossible

March 12, 2016


These photographs, which I got from my high school classmate Joyce Mummert Ireland, remind me there are other things in life besides politics.


Click on 25 Mind-Boggling Sculptures That Defy The Laws of Physics (not really) for details and more sculptures.


What to do with an old tree stump

January 15, 2016

Hat tip to Joyce Mummert Ireland and Elizabeth Mummert.

Remarkable sculptures from around the world

July 11, 2015


Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon


DeVarrtkapeon, Brussels, Belgium

De Varrtkapeon, Brussels, Belgium


Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia

Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia

Click on 25 of the Most Creative Sculptures and Statues From Around the World for more like the ones above.

Wood cuts

November 3, 2012

These sculptures by Vincent Kohler show the lumber that can be made from a log of wood.

Click on Vincent Kohler – Sculpture, Peinage for his home page.

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