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Half full or half empty?

February 19, 2017

sf-existential-42-900x1709-webVia simonandfinn.

On my 78th birthday

December 14, 2014

December 14, 1936Via simonandfinn.


‘Autumn … … where every leaf is a flower’

October 19, 2014


Drawing by Melissa Felder, creator of simonandfinn

Quotation by Albert Camus

My street and most of my neighborhood in Rochester, N.Y., is lined with trees.  They are a pleasure to look at, whatever the season, although my favorite is fall.  In the spring, they bud and blossom.  In the summer, they make a green canopy over the streets.  In the fall, they change color.  In the winter, they form a sparkling crystal lattice, or a stark black fractal pattern against the sky.

These trees did not appear all by themselves.  They did not plant themselves.  Somebody years ago took the trouble to plant the trees and create the beauty I now enjoy.   So many of the good things in my life are due to the foresight and work of other people whose names I do not know.

Good advice from Friedrich Nietzsche

November 25, 2012

Becoming too friendly with monsters can be dangerous, too, as the full story shows.

Click on Ernie & the Nietzsche Monster to read it on the simonandfinn web log.

Ernie and the Forest of Envy

October 21, 2012

Click on Ernie and the Forest of Envy by Simon and Finn for a delightful picture story about how people make themselves unhappy.

Hat tip to Ken Blackwell.