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A harsh, impersonal economy

January 5, 2014

A friend of mine who likes to eat at the Taco Bell fast-food chain was given an invitation to participate in a customer survey.  Her reward would be a free meal—for a Taco Bell employee.

My friend worked for the Wendy’s fast-food chain in her youth, years ago, and she told me that in those days it was taken for granted that any employee was entitled to a meal (within reason) on their shift.  She was surprised that this is no longer the norm.

What we have now is a fast-food restaurant chain whose executives not only underpay their employees, but don’t care that they have a reputation for underpaying employees, and appeal to the public’s sense of charity to help.  Not that this is unique.

I realize how lucky I have been to spent most of my adult life in the afterglow of the New Deal.   I wish I could think that today’s harsher, more impersonal world is a temporary aberration.