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Sir Ken Robinson on the trouble with education

April 30, 2013


How to use just one paper towel

June 16, 2012

How advertising creates intangible value

February 19, 2011

In this shrewd and witty talk, British advertising man Rory Sutherland argued that advertising performs a valuable service in influencing people to pay top dollar for products without any particular value that can be measured objectively.

He said that if intangible value increases human happiness, it is just as real as so-called objective value. He went on to say that it is better to generate intangible value through advertising than to try to increase objective value through human labor and consumption of natural resources.

Sutherland presented interesting facts, interesting stories and interesting ideas.  But if I had been present for his talk, I would have asked:  Why do we need advertising agencies to give things intangible value?  Why can’t we add intangible value for ourselves through our own creativity and imagination?

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Hat tip to Ezra Klein.

Hans Rosling’s reasons to be hopeful

November 5, 2010