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In religion, more of U.S. is ‘none of the above’

April 1, 2019

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Americans with no religion are now as numerous as Evangelical Protestants or possibly outnumber them slightly.  I can remember when admitting you were an atheist could get you in trouble.

Forty-some years ago, Mainstream Protestants were the largest religious group, followed by Catholics.  Evangelicals were fewer than either, and the “nones” were a small minority.

Evidently increasing numbers of Americans reject organized religion, and many others stick to strict religion, but few of us want to bother with easy religion.

Doug Muder shrewdly observed on his Weekly Sift post today that, if you eliminated immigrants and only surveyed the native-born, mainstream Catholicism might be declining in the same way that mainstream Protestantism is.


‘Nones’ now as big as evangelicals, Catholics in the US by Jack Jenkins for Religious News Service.

Why America’s ‘nones’ don’t identify with a religion by Becka Alpert for Pew Research Center.

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May 28, 2013

Charts That Will Restore Your Faith in HumanityCharts from Business Insider.

Dear America: You Should Be Mad As Hell About ThisCharts from Business Insider.

What I take away from these two sets of charts is that the world has made a lot of progress in the past century, but the USA has regressed in many ways in the past 20 or so years.   You’ll notice that many of the graphs in the top set of charts end before they reach the year 2000.   What I get from these two sets of charts is that change is necessary, but progress is possible.