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How Trump used Judge Curiel as a red herring

June 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s Trump University scam was despicable.  He scammed 7,611 people who trusted in his same into giving him thousands of dollars for something he knew was worthless.

He’s being sued on behalf of students, and his attack on the impartiality of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, one of the judges in the case, based on Curiel’s Mexican ancestry, has created an uproar among both liberals and conservatives.

Actually the knee-jerk reaction to Trump’s attack on Curiel serves Trump’s purpose, because it shifts attention away from the major issue, which is the Trump University scam.

Donald Trump in 2005

Donald Trump in 2005

Trump University, which operated from 2005 to 2010, recruited students by offering free 90-minute real estate seminars in 700 cities from 2005 to 2010.  The purpose of the seminars was to sell them on signing up for $1,495 three-day seminars.  From there the next step was to sign up students for a $9,995 “silver” or $34,995 “gold” program.

Even after that, students were asked to spend more for books, additional courses and other materials.

Donald Trump said students who enrolled at Trump University would learn the secrets of getting rich in real estate from hand-picked instructors.

None of these things were true.  The instructors had no qualifications or expertise in real estate.  Trump himself barely knew them.  They were chosen for their ability to sell students on signing up for more expensive courses.

Their employee manual, which has been leaked to The Atlantic and other publications, gave extensive instructions on how to do that.  Students were encouraged to dip into retirement funds, and told how to apply for increases in the limits on their credit cards.

At least one was a high school student.  Many were veterans, retired police officers and teachers.  In return, they got little more than motivational speeches.

Trump claimed that Trump University received more than 10,000 testimonials from students—which means a lot of them must either be fake or be signed by attendees at the free seminars.

What he doesn’t have is a testimonial from anyone who attended Trump University, succeeded in real estate and attributed it to Trump U’s instruction.

Steven Brill reported that legal records show that Trump University took in more than $40 million, of which Trump himself received $5 million.


Things to remember about Donald Trump

March 8, 2016

720x405-GettyImages-483208910I understand why people support Donald Trump.  Many Americans are justifiably fed up with a government and corporations that don’t represent their interests, and they are under the illusion that he does.  But he represents only himself.

Here are some things to remember about him.

Trump University took thousands of dollars from trusting people who expected expert instruction in the real estate business.  Some 7,000 students paid from $1,495 to $34,995 to learn “insider success secrets” from “hand-picked instructors.”  He did not hire the instructors nor write the curriculum.  The instructors were experts in selling more courses, not in real estate.

Donald Trump is now being sued for fraud.  His defense is that while Trump University may not have delivered what it promises, the courses were not completely worthless.

Donald Trump licensed his name to builders of Trump Ocean Resort Baja California and Trump Tower Tampa.  When the condos weren’t built, buyers lost their money.  Trump told the people who trusted in his name that he didn’t own the businesses and it wasn’t his problem.

Donald Trump has a record of ties to organized crime.  He worked with mob-controlled construction unions in New York City and Philadelphia and did favors for organized crime figures.

All in all, Donald Trump’s business practices are pretty sleazy.

And why won’t he make his tax returns public?