Democrats vs. Republicans

The Democrats are no longer the party of wage-earners, and the Republicans are no longer the party of the property-owning middle class.  The two parties divide over cultural issues such as abortion rights, gay rights and so on, but both defer to Wall Street and entrenched wealth.

If I am wrong about this, one party or the other or both will get behind legislation to bring the banking system back under reasonable regulation and break up the Too Big to Fail institutions.

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One Response to “Democrats vs. Republicans”

  1. LOUDelf Says:

    With the way our political system is in the US, “soft money” is too easily found, and there’s A LOT of it out there from the banking/financial services. Which ever of the two large parties seems to really be grinding the axe, you’ll see funding ebb and flow, and then suddenly cow-tow.

    Example: Healthcare reform, was even labelled “health insurance reform” to punish those big evil insurance companies. As punishment, the government is forcing all people to obtain health insurance from the big evil insurance companies. You’ll see the same with “financial reform”


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