I like this guy

President Obama has made a recess appointment of Donald M. Berwick, head of an outfit called the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Berwick advocates a patient-centered and family-centered health care system based on the following:

1. Hospitals would have no restrictions on visiting – no restrictions on time or place or person, except restrictions chosen by and under the control of each patient.

2. Patients would determine what food they eat and what clothes they wear in hospitals (to the extent that health status allows).

3. Patients and family members would participate in [doctors’] rounds.

4. Patients and family members would participate in the design of health care processes and services.

5. Medical records would belong to patients. Clinicians rather than patients would need to have permission to gain access to them.

6. Shared decision-making technologies would be used universally.

7. Operating room schedules would conform to ideal queuing theory designs aimed at minimizing waiting time, rather than to the convenience of clinicians.

8. Patients physically capable of self-care would, in all situations, have the option to do it.

His appointment, of course, does not give him the power to bring these things about. But I like his ideas, especially No. 2.

Click on What ‘Patient-Centered Should Mean’: Confessions of an Extremist for the complete article from which this list was taken.  To find the list, scroll down to the sub-headline Pedigree of Patient-Centeredness and then go to the last paragraph.

Click on The Conservative Case for Don Berwick by the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein for background on Donald Berwick and an argument for his appointment.

Click on Obama to Bypass Senate to Name Health Official for the New York Times article on Berwick’s recess appointment.

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