Separatism: Chicano and Confederate

The state of Arizona has set rules for the public school curriculum to prevent Hispanic children from being taught to think of themselves as part of a nation separate and distinct from their Anglophone neighbors.  The fear is that the Spanish-speaking population of the Southwest might seek a separate national identity, like the French-speaking people of Quebec.

It is interesting that the comparison is made to Quebec, which after all has remained part of Canada, and not to the white people of the American South, who once upon a time did revolt and wage war against the United States.  Southern separatism has a place of honor in American opinion.  According to a recent CNN poll, one in four Americans sympathize more with the Confederacy than with the Union, and 40 percent of white Southerners sympathize more with the Confederacy.

Nor is this a completely dead issue.  A couple of years back, Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, spoke of Texas seceding from the Union.

American patriotism is consistent with loyalty to a heritage, be it Mexican, Confederate or something else.  A new citizen of the United States is called upon to renounce all allegiance to foreign governments, to promise to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to serve in the armed forces or alternative service if called upon by lawful authority.  But the United States is a tapestry of many heritages.  This is a plus not a minus.

Click on CNN Opinion Research on Secession for the details of the poll on the Confederate states’ secession.

Click on War for Southern Independence Important Issue for the Sons of Confederate Veterans summary of the poll.

I don’t see either Southern or Hispanic secession as a serious possibility or threat, but advocates of both do exist.  Here are links to their web sites.  See if you agree with me that they are more alike than different, both in their bogus history and their future vision.

Click on The Case for Southern Secession on the Confederate Pride web site.

Click on Texas Secede FAQ for arguments for Texas to secede from the Union.

Click on El Plan de Aztlan for a Chicano secessionist web site.

Click on La Voz de Aztlan for more about Chicano secessionism.

Atzlan secessionists do not call themselves Hispanics, by the way; they consider themselves the heirs of the original native inhabitants of Mexico and the American Southwest, not their Spanish conquerors.  Yet most of them speak Spanish and English.

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