President Obama’s long-form birth certificate

President Obama made public his long-form birth certificate today.

Click on President Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate for the White House report on President Obama’s press conference and Birth Certificate Long Form PDF for a PDF version of the certificate.

Click on The Long-Form Birth Certificate! or The Long-Form Birth Certificate of Barack Obama to view it in a larger and more readable form.

It is amazing to me that so many people take stuff like this seriously.  The country is bogged down in three overt wars and an unknown number of covert wars, unemployment is stuck between 9 and 10 percent, and local and state governments are unable to maintain basic public services.  If I were an opposition leader or candidate, these would be the things I would focus on, rather than the speculation, which never had any basis whatsoever in fact, that the President was born in another country.

On the other hand, if you have no real answer to the problems of unemployment, mortgage foreclosures, abusive banking practices, military overstretch or balancing the governmental budget, then maybe all you can do is resort to this birth certificate nonsense.

Click on Why I don’t believe in conspiracy theories for some of my earlier thoughts on this topic.

[Update 4/29/11]

I hadn’t realized until this week that the so-called “short form” birth certificate is under Hawaiian law the official birth certificate – the one you show to get a passport or otherwise when you need proof of place of birth.  I also hadn’t realized the following:

……The document shown by Obama is the only one the State of Hawaii is permitted, by law, to release. It is accepted as valid by the government entities like the State Department.

Hawaii law prevents the long-form record from being photocopied or released to anyone — including Obama. Obama himself would only be permitted to inspect it – not copy it or post it online.


President Obama had to get a special waiver from the state of Hawaii in order to make the document public.

Click on Birtherism: Where it all began for details from the web newspaper Politico.

Click on Hawaii’s blunders fueled birthers for more details from Politico.

Click on Disclosure of Records for the text of the relevant Hawaiian law.

Why wasn’t this reported before?

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2 Responses to “President Obama’s long-form birth certificate”

  1. David White Says:

    This has dragged on for years. Once The Donald gets involved, the President responds as he should have in the first place.


    • philebersole Says:

      The meme now making the rounds in right-wing conspiracy circles is that President Obama failed in his affirmative duty to prevent them from making fools of themselves. Well, maybe he was giving them enough rope to discredit themselves. Who can say?

      It is not as if there was some gap or ambiguity in the public record that gave room for a reasonable doubt. All the relevant facts were put on record back in 2008, including Obama’s short-form birth certificate, the document of record in Hawaii.


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