Election 2016: Hillary Clinton’s head start

This chart, despite its headline, is good news for Hillary Clinton.


True, she is a controversial character.  About 48 percent of those polled look on her favorably and 45 percent unfavorably.   But she has a better favorability rating than any of the plausible Republican candidates, especially Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie.

She also is a superstar.  Almost as many people recognize her name as recognize the name of the sitting President of the United States.  No Republican candidate is anywhere near as well known as she is.


Here’s the same information with a different orientation from Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium.



Clinton Begins the 2016 Campaign and It’s a Toss-Up by Nate Silver for FiveThirtyEight Politics.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, the entire GOP field is either obscure or unpopular by Matthew Yglesias for Vox.

The Real Problem With That Chart by Sam Wang for Princeton Election Consortium.  (Hat tip to Mike the Mad Biologist).

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One Response to “Election 2016: Hillary Clinton’s head start”

  1. Holden Says:

    I think the best thing Clinton has going for her is a lack of an appealing republican. Ted Cruz is probably the best thing the republicans got going for him, but even he’s sort of corny sounding when he speaks.

    His wife is well connected in Goldman Sachs and he is a Cuban-American born in Canada though… so it should be interesting to say the least!


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